Eric Migicovsky says Pebble’s sales have doubled since Apple Watch launch

Pebble Time

Instead of hurting Pebble’s sales, the launch of the Apple Watch has apparently helped the company considerably.

In an interview with CNBC, Eric Migicovsky, Pebble’s co-founder and CEO said, “We’ve actually seen no material impact from Apple entering the space on our sales.” Instead, Migicovsky believes the launch of the Apple Watch has actually raised general awareness about wearables, increasing Pebble sales in the process.

Taking a broad look at sales numbers, Migicovsky says his company is selling twice the number of smartwatches as it was at the same time last year.

This is likely because the Pebble is designed to appeal to a different audience than the Apple Watch, similar to the difference between an expensive Rolex and a standard Swatch watch.

Apple has declined to reveal specific Apple Watch sales for what the company calls “competitive reasons,” but financial data recently released indicates total revenue amounting to US$1.7 billion during the first five months of the Apple Watch’s release.

Pebble’s recently launched Pebble Time Round costs approximately $327 CAD. The Pebble Time is priced at $261 CAD (although it’s $50 off right now), and its Pebble Time Steel counterpart has a price point of $327 CAD. The Pebble Classic is only $130 and the Pebble Steel costs $195.

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