Dozr wants to provide a new revenue stream for farmers with its sharing economy model

While the concept of the sharing economy is nothing new, one Canadian company wants to bring it to a more traditional industry: the construction sector.

Dozr, the latest pitch on The Disruptors, has created an online platform that lets contractors in the construction and agriculture industries share and rent out heavy equipment at an affordable cost. The platform lets contractors rent out equipment that isn’t being used in an effort to save them time and money.

“Using our platform, contractors, and farmers can rent out their idle equipment directly to their peers and bring in a new stream of revenue that was never available to them before,” said Erin Stephenson, co-founder of Dozr.

Co-host Bruce Croxon says Dozr is unique in that it connects people with equipment without having to have its own inventory of equipment, but he wants to see the company grow beyond its consumer base of 2,400 people.

“The most valuable companies in the world are companies that take things that already exist,” said Croxon. “They don’t have any inventory and they line up people with excess capacity. They are providing the platform for people to connect.”

Dozr recently announced that it plans on expanding to the U.S. following a $2.5 million seed funding round from FairVentures.

Watch the full pitch below:

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