Deloitte forms innovation hub within Communitech called d { }

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So far, 2015 has proven to be for Communitech. In the first quarter, the innovation center has shut down its HYPERDRIVE accelerator program and shifted gears and pivited to re-launch as “Rev.” In addition, several partners — such as TD Bank and Manulife — have signed on to help bolster entrepreneurship in the region by opening focussed labs within its space.

Its latest accomplishment comes from Deloitte who follows the trend of creating an innovation hub within Communitech. Officially called d { }, which is pronounced dee space, will help build on the talent within Kitchener-Waterloo and offer advanced prototyping to develop emerging technologies. The 770-square foot space will house a team of Deloitte designers and developers who have a mandate to “transform ideas into tangible models.”

“We’re excited about the partnership with Deloitte, because it’s such a great opportunity for both organizations.” said Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech “Being located in the Communitech Hub will give Deloitte a window into the latest innovations, while also providing our companies with access to industry analysis, as well as new potential customers and partners through Deloitte’s network.”

“d { } will also provide Deloitte clients with direct access to new disruptive technologies and a glimpse into the realm of what is possible beyond their current perception,” said Terry Stuart, Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte. “Embedding ourselves inside a vibrant startup environment with the latest technologies is critical to changing our talent agenda and accelerating our new solution development”

Apart from the d { } agreement, Deloitte will also participate in Communitech’s Collision events and support Communitech’s women in entrepreneurship & innovation mentoring program, and the Communitech Rev start-up accelerator.


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