CDMN Is Sending 27 Startups All Over the World As Part of the Soft-Landing Program

The federally-funded Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) has chosen the 27 companies that it will ship off this winter as part of its “outbound” Soft-Landing Program from January to March 2014.

The Soft-Landing Program offers qualified, mature startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) exposure to business opportunities around the world. It provides the opportunity to work from a partnered accelerator, incubator or coworking space to obtain regional support and resources. For Canadian startups, it gives them about $4,000 and a chance to work out of an international destination.

Here’s the list of lucky startups, who are going as far as Singapore, Germany, Brazil and India, and the UAE, among other places:

Company Name CDMN Hub Destination
ADVIDEO Communitech Singapore
Authintic Analytics (Alumni) Ryerson DMZ NYC
Avid Tap Communitech San Francisco, Boston (Alumni) Communitech Orlando
eProf Education MaRS NYC
Formulating Change Communitech Atlanta, NYC, Chicago
Handy Metrics ventureLAB Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington
I Think Security Accelerator Centre NYC
InNetwork Innovacorp NYC, LA, San Francisco
Intelligent Imaging Systems Startup Edmonton Brazil
Lemonade GameLabs Accelerate Okanagan Germany
Live Insite Communitech NYC
Macxmum Communitech Silicon Valley, Taiwan
Maintenance Assistant Communitech Germany
Mespere Lifesciences (Alumni) Accelerator Centre India Wavefront San Francisco
MRF Geosystems (Alumni) TR Tech Calgary New Zealand
Nexalogy Environics (Alumni) Montreal NYC
Now In Store Montreal NYC
Plasticity Communitech NYC, Austin
Poppy Barley Startup Edmonton NYC
Pump Up Communitech Silicon Valley, NYC
Secure City Solutions (Alumni) Invest Ottawa UAE, Saudi Arabia
SlimCut Media Ryerson DMZ NYC
Technology North Corp TR Tech Edmonton California, Boston
WatSec Accelerator Centre Maryland
Woof Labs MaRS California

“We’re seeing more and more high-growth, high-potential startups and SMEs come through our hub network that are prepared to take their business international.” said CDMN’s Kevin Tuer. “The CDMN Soft-Landing Program continues to grow as companies recognize the potential it offers them to scale their business internationally.”

The CDMN is a federal “Centre of Excellence” in Commercialization and Research (CECR), and is dedicated to establishing Canada as a world leader in digital media, “by creating and enabling connections and collaboration between entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes, government and intermediary organizations across the country.”

CDMN claims that the Soft-Landing Program is generating a return of more than 30 times on the investment made. The 63 companies that have gone through the program “have reported new opportunities and sales and established key partnerships in their regions, showing that even modest funding at a critical time can have tremendous impact,” read a release.

Ideal candidates for the Outbound Soft-Landing Program are mature Canadian startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are looking to grow their customer base, open a satellite office, develop distribution channels or secure investment.



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