Cannabis software company Ample Organics announces Shopify integration

Ample Organics, a seed-to-sale software company, has announced a complete integration with ecommerce giant, Shopify.

Toronto-based Ample Organics said the partnership will open up more possibilities for licensed producers, and increase accessibility for medical cannabis patients

“Track[ing] and manag[ing] those products from seed-to-sale is critical for the…medical and recreational cannabis industry.”

“Our clients have collectively shipped nearly two million medical cannabis orders to patients across Canada,” said John X. Prentice, president and CEO of Ample Organics. “Our partnership with Shopify will further enhance and improve ecommerce for medical cannabis patients, delivering enhanced value to our licensed producer clients, and making medical cannabis even more accessible for those who need it most.”

Shopify, which claims to be the leading commerce platform in the cannabis space, said it plans to power the expansion of the cannabis industry through this partnership. On the first day cannabis was legalized, Shopify-powered online stores took in 100 orders a minute. The Ottawa-based company provides the online infrastructure for Ontario, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador’s cannabis sales websites.

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“Ensuring our customers can not only legally sell their products, but also track[ing] and manag[ing] those products from seed-to-sale is critical for the safe development of the medical and recreational cannabis industry,” said Loren Padelford, VP and GM at Shopify. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with Ample Organics to offer their seed-to-sale tracking capabilities, integrated directly into Shopify for licensed sellers on our platform.”

Ample Organics’ seed-to-sale software assists cannabis companies with growth, production, client management, and quality assurance.

In January, Ample Organics announced its acquisition of sales data analytics and visualization platform Last Call Analytics. Regarding the acquisition, Prentice said that as the cannabis industry evolves, having access to in-depth analytics and insights are critical for a company’s success in the retail distribution model.

Two years ago, the company also partnered with Braingrid to help cannabis producers measure growth to its customers.

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