Canadian startup news of the week (07/02/18)

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Top Stories of the Week

AngelList launches Angel Funds in Canada(BETAKIT)

Since its launch in October 2016, AngelList Syndicates has made 55 investments for over $17.5 million CAD into Canadian startups.

RBC launches Reach accelerator with Highline BETA(BETAKIT)

Participants will get access to office space in Toronto’s financial district, and receive an initial investment of $100,000 from Highline BETA and RBC.

Government names five fund-of-funds receiving portion of $350 million through VCCI(BETAKIT)

The funds include Hamilton Lane, Harbourvest, Kensington Capital Partners, Northleaf Capital Partners, and Teralys Capital.

Collision event at MaRS builds anticipation for Toronto and 2019(BETAKIT)

Included in this article: audio of our exclusive interview with Collision’s Paddy Cosgrave.

Startup Milestones

  • Atomic Reach raises $3.4 million bridge round to help marketers improve copy with AI (Read here)

  • Shopify acquires Return Magic to help retailers automate refunds (Read here)

  • ApplyBoard raises $17 million to improve int’l student applications with AI (Read here)

  • TransPod partners with European companies to develop international hyperloop standards (Read here)

  • CryptoKitties launches KittyVerse to attract more third-party developers (Read here)

  • Kik launches gamified features to drive Kin adoption (Read here)

Must Reads

Report: Canadian tech investment hits record $1.3 billion CAD in Q1 2018(BETAKIT)

Q1’s $1.28 billion funding amount is the largest seen since CB Insights began collecting MoneyTree data in 2012.

Ask an Investor: Should I move for my startup?(BETAKIT)

“In almost all cases, my answer is no.”

How Justin Trudeau and a former diplomat convinced Paddy Cosgrave to bring Collision to Canada (CanCon Podcast Ep. 121)

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