Canadian startup news of the week (05/06/18)

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Top Stories of the Week

How chasing $30 million from Sequoia Capital cost Achievers’ Razor Suleman millions at exit(BETAKIT)

“If Sequoia gives you $30 million, you will be validated. They’ll want to write a book about you.”

Golden Ventures closes $72 million for new seed-focused fund(BETAKIT)

“Our superpower is understanding the seed stage, and everything you need to accomplish to get to the next layer.”

Salesforce launches $100 million Canadian venture fund(BETAKIT)

In February 2018, Salesforce said that it wanted to commit $2 billion to growing its business in Canada.

Amazon to add 3,000 Vancouver tech jobs via Hub expansion(BETAKIT)

The 416,000 square foot tech hub is expected to open in 2022.

Startup Milestones

  • Dash MD receives $250,000 to build Waterloo Wellington LHIN custom app (Read here)

  • MindBridge AI raises $8.4 million Series A (Read here)

  • Certn raises $975,000 to use AI for background checks (Read here)

  • BenchSci raises $10 million Series A for antibody search engine (Read here)

  • Hockeystick launches database tracking Canada’s startup ecosystem (Read here)

Must Reads

Report: Canadian tech investment hits record $1.3 billion CAD in Q1 2018(BETAKIT)

Q1’s $1.28 billion funding amount is the largest seen since CB Insights began collecting MoneyTree data in 2012.

Ask an Investor: What can I expect from my VCs?(BETAKIT)

A term sheet doesn’t cover the behavioral norms that you should expect from a 10-plus year relationship with a VC.

CanCon Podcast Ep. 113: Repable’s Heather Anne Ritchie explains streaming culture

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