Canada’s 2022 Developer 30 Under 30

Weavesphere's lists also tracked 20 "Tech Titans" #CDNtech.

The Developer 30 Under 30 is a recurring list that recognizes developers based in Canada.

The 30 individuals named to this year’s list were recognized at the WeaveSphere (formerly Evoke) awards gala at the Toronto Convention Centre on Wednesday night.

Launched in 2017, the initiative allows developers to apply or be nominated for the award. This year’s judges included Shania Fu, assistant vice president for API platforms at Sun Life; Ashley Wright, founder and CEO of The Crypto Strategy and Crypto Babes; as well as John Wright, executive vice president of Maru Blue; among others.

WeaveSphere also added a new award for this year’s conference, called Tech Titans: Top 20 of 2022, which honours 20 technology leaders in Canada.

BetaKit hosted the 2018 and 2019 Developer 30 Under 30 lists, and this year represents Developer 30 Under 30’s return, as it was cancelled for two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

See the full list below.

Colin Lee

Title: Co-Founder
Company: Mosea Technologies
Age: 25

Julia Paglia

Title: Software Engineer
Company: Coinbase
Age: 24

Anthony Langford

Title: Team Lead, Software Developer
Company: GoBolt
Age: 29

Esther Baruti

Aryaman Rastogi

Title: Co-Founder and CTO
Company: SnapWrite AI
Age: 21

Jack Gaino

Jerry Fengwei Zhang

Title: Front End Engineer
Company: Amazon Web Services
Age: 26

Hassan Djirdeh

Title: Senior Software Engineer
Company: Doordash
Age: 29

Jack Gaino

Bohdan Senyshyn

Title: Senior Software Engineer
Company: Kunai
Age: 23

Renee Ghattas

Charmi Chokshi

Title: Research Engineer & ML Grad Student
Company: MILA & University of Montreal
Age: 25

Mohammed Ridwanul Islam

Karandeep Bhardwaj

Title: Software Engineer
Company: Sun Life
Age: 28

Aliel Shayeb

Anakha Chellakudam

Title: Software Development Engineer
Company: Amazon
Age: 29

Francisco Hodge

Title: Software Developer
Company: Microsoft
Age: 28

Andy Wong

Khushbu Patel

Title: Software Engineer
Company: Ada Support Inc.
Age: 29

Ryan Wilson Perking

Kathryn Kodama

Title: Software Developer, Liberty Developer Experience
Company: IBM
Age: 25

Lucas Giancola

Title: Software Engineer II
Company: Github
Age: 26

Erin Gallagher

Lianne Lardizabal

Title: Software Engineer III
Company: Lucasfilm (Walt Disney Studios)
Age: 29

Daniel Marantz

Tim Romanski

Title: Technical Lead
Company: AirMatrix
Age: 23

Evan Cloutier

Yash Kapadia

Title: Senior Software Developer
Company: Shopify
Age: 28

Lianne Lardizabal

Xiaole Zeng

Title: Software Engineer
Company: Google
Age: 24

Mathew Mozaffari

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Speer Technologies
Age: 25

Alex Hong

Charlie Mackie

Title: Data Scientist and Engineer
Company: Meta
Age: 22

Hassan Djiredeh

Arshdeep Saini

Title: Frontend Developer
Company: IBM Canada
Age: 25

Jacquelyne Grindod

Sarah Syed

Title: Climate Activist, Innovator
Company: Starfish Canada
Age: 18

Kevin Lau

Samantha Lauer

Title: Senior Software Developer
Company: Sun Life
Age: 28

Maz Mandi

Title: Field Applications Engineer
Company: MIMIK Technology
Age: 29

Oleksandr Kostrikov

Title: Senior Front-End Engineer
Company: Dapper Labs
Age: 29

Kevin Pei

Daniel Marantz

Title: Staff Software Engineer
Company: Rivian
Age: 29

Matthew Tory

Tanmay Bakshi

Title: AI & Application Architect
Company: IBM
Age: 19

Rishab Kumar

Title: Staff Developer Evangelist
Company: Twilio
Age: 25

Ralph Maamari

Stan Petley

Title: Director of Engineering
Company: TrojAI Inc.
Age: 29

Rui Serra

Alexander Newman

Title: Software Performance Analyst
Company: IBM Canada – Security
Age: 26

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