C# developer, Linux two of the fastest-growing search terms for Canadian tech job seekers


A new report from Indeed Canada shows the fastest-growing search terms for tech job seekers in Canada.

To identify tech workers, Indeed looked at the the job titles listed on their resumes, and compiled data based on the start of 2017 to the first two months of 2018. C# developer topped the list, growing by 264 percent YoY, while Linux followed closely behind with a 263 percent growth rate. Programmer as a general term, SharePoint, and data science were in the top five.

Indeed Canada

Indeed’s list of the fastest-growing search terms in Canada.

“Interestingly, employer demand for many of the roles and skills on the search term list is not on the rise,” Indeed writes in a blog post. “For instance, the share of postings with C# developer in the title has dropped nine percent over the same period. What that means is that job seekers and employers may not always be aligned on the titles and skills they are interested in.”

Indeed Canada regularly tracks developments in the tech space related to jobs. Earlier this month, the careers website found that jobs requiring AI skills increased by 1,069 percent since 2013.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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