BroadbandTV launches business division to build mobile apps for content creators


Vancouver-based BroadbandTV has launched a new business division dedicated to building original games and apps with digital content creators.

The company has already launched a number of apps, including a mobile game for Spanish language creator Fernanfloo that has been downloaded by over 9.5 million people. The company says it took the number one most downloaded app spot in the App Store and Google Play store within 24 hours of its release.

The company will continue to build apps with content creators, including Squad Rivals, which will enter closed beta later this month and feature a mix of gamers and entertainers that BBTV says have hundreds of millions of monthly viewers.

BroadbandTV’s channel management solution helps content creators and brands grow their YouTube presence. In the past, it’s worked with the NBA to launch Playmakers, which targets audiences interested in sports and basketball culture, and signed a deal to manage Univision’s YouTube properties in 2016. The company has been working to expand its monetization channels, such as advertising video on demand, subscription video on demand, e-commerce, and licensing.

“We’re placing an emphasis on building mobile games that are truly broadcastable. We’re in a unique position as we already work with top digital talent that each have large highly engaged audiences allowing us to directly market the apps to targeted consumers,” said Lewis Ball, VP Interactive, E-commerce and Professional Services, BroadbandTV. “We’re further connecting digital talent with their fans and expanding revenue streams, it’s a significant opportunity.”

The company achieves over 34 billion views per month (based on Google Analytics), and 285 million unique viewers, a number based on the comScore October 2017 Top 100 Video Properties Worldwide report.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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