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Toronto venture funding in Q3 rebounds following disappointing first half of 2020 (BETAKIT)

The GTA, which lagged behind several ecosystems and failed to contribute much to Canada’s record funding Q2 2020, showed signs of a rebound in Q3 2020.


Canadian small businesses are future-proofing: Lessons learned from a global crisis (CBC)

Savvy Canadian small businesses are leveraging technology to protect themselves for what’s next.

Vancouver company develops COVID-19 screening device that uses artificial intelligence (CTV NEWS)

The Health Shield, developed by Tevano Systems, can take temperatures and even determine if a person is wearing a face mask.

AI can run your work meetings now (WIRED)

A new wave of startups is trying to optimize meetings, from automated scheduling tools to facial recognition that measures who’s paying attention.

Expensify CEO David Barrett on why startup founders should ignore the ‘experts’ (BETAKIT)

Expensify CEO David Barrett explained why he ignored experts to build his company for profit, not venture capital growth, on the #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast.

Recycling robotics company AMP Robotics could raise up to $70M (TECHCRUNCH)

The new financing speaks to AMP Robotics’ continued success in pilot projects and with new partnerships that are exponentially expanding the company’s deployments.

Elon Musk may have met his match in the German unions (SIFTED)

A conflict with the unions could be a stumbling block for Musk in his mission to make 500,000 electric vehicles a year in his Berlin gigafactory.

BC venture deal volume dropped to new low in Q3, but total funding shows a healthy ecosystem (BETAKIT)

Startups in the BC region raised a total of $287 million over Q3 2020, a 26 percent decrease from the previous quarter.

The U.S. government needs to get involved in the A.I. race against China, Nasdaq executive says (CNBC)

The U.S. private sector alone cannot compete with the entire Chinese government and private sector in tech development, said Edward Knight of Nasdaq.

How archaeologists are using deep learning to dig deeper (NEW YORK TIMES)

Trawling ancient history with neural nets.

Applications open for new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (BETAKIT)

Applications for the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) officially opened as of Monday, November 23.

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