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University of Waterloo researchers create virtual assistant prototype to help people with Alzheimer’s disease(BETAKIT)

The tool will prompt people with Alzheimer’s disease to complete day-to-day tasks in a way that aligns with how they feel and what they are thinking.

Andrew Ng is raising a $150M AI Fund(TECHCRUNCH)

Ng, a computer scientist and former AI developer with stints at Baidu and Google, has said repeatedly that he wants to build a new AI-powered society.

The man behind Android says AI is the next major operating system(CNBC)

Andy Rubin, best known for leading Android, says new gadgets, whether they exist inside smart cars or new cellphones, are going to usher us into the new age of AI.

Symbility partners with Toronto-based DeepLearni.ng(BETAKIT)

Some projects that the two companies have been working on include using AI to assist in property claims, using AI to automate business performance reports, and personalizing each customer’s experience through automated reporting systems.

Ripcord’s $40 million Series B will pay for more file digitizing robots and human jobs(TECHCRUNCH)

The round was led by Icon Ventures.

Qualcomm bets on AI, acquires machine learning startup(CNET)

Chipmaker Qualcomm acquired Scyfer as part of a plan to bring artificial intelligence to devices, cars and machines.

CB Insights calling for applications from AI startups for The AI 100(BETAKIT)

As major cities like Montreal and Toronto heat up Canada’s AI ecosystem — including notable initiatives like the Vector Institute and companies like Element AI’s $137.5 million Series A funding round, Canada could be well-poised to have a presence on CB Insights’ AI 100 list.

ThoughtSpot raises $60M to take on AI in data analytics(PYMNTS)

ThoughtSpot, which specializes in data analytics for enterprises looking to quickly find data, raised the funds from Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Google and ProPublica team up to build a national hate crime database(TECHCRUNCH)

Powered by machine learning, the Documenting Hate News Index will track reported hate crimes across all 50 states, collecting data from February 2017 onward.

Report: Canadian job opportunities in AI have grown by nearly 500%(BETAKIT)

The report looked at which cities are creating jobs in AI, and what types of AI and machine learning jobs are high in demand.

Meet the company that’s using face recognition to reshape China’s tech scene(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

In China, you can use your face to get into your office, get on a train, or get a loan. The technology powering many of these applications? Face++, a face-recognition platform currently used by more than 300,000 developers in 150 countries.

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