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Scotiabank donates $750,000 to University of Ottawa to launch ethical AI initiative(BETAKIT)

Scotiabank has donated $750,000 to the University of Ottawa to launch a new initiative for ethical AI and technology development.


Why investment in Canadian SaaS Startups shot up 200 percent in 2019

“Microsoft for Startups is increasing their support for SaaS startups in Canada through cloud services and software, as data clearly shows success across the provinces in this industry.”
Adam Nanjee, Microsoft for Startups

White House reportedly aims to double AI research budget to $2B(TECHCRUNCH)

The U.S. is engaged in what some describe as a “race” with China in the field of AI, though unlike most races this one has no real finish line.

Integrate.ai receives privacy certification developed by Ann Cavoukian(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based Integrate.ai has received the Privacy by Design certification, which aims to help companies enhance their privacy awareness and compliance.

YouTube demands Clearview AI stop scraping its videos for facial recognition database(THEVERGE)

It wants all existing images deleted, too.

Today in hires: Nudge Rewards, Sportlogiq(BETAKIT)

Recently, two tech organizations have announced new members to their teams. Here’s a breakdown of who is joining and what they bring to the table.

Cherre raises $16 million to analyze real estate data with AI(VENTUREBEAT)

Cherre’s technology is modeled after high-frequency trading platforms, and as such, it continuously organizes and updates internal and external databases.

Artificial intelligence company Ambyint raises $19.9 million CAD Series B(BETAKIT)

Calgary cleantech company Ambyint, which specializes in AI-powered solutions for the oil and gas industry, has secured a $19.9 million CAD Series B round.

Jumpstory, the Netflix of images, raises €900K to boost AI-powered image search(EUSTARTUPS)

Aarhus-based startup JumpStory has raised €900K after two successful rounds of funding.

BenchSci raises $29 million CAD Series B round(BETAKIT)

BenchSci has raised a $29 million CAD ($22 million USD) Series B funding round led by F-Prime Capital.

AI startup Cresta launches from stealth with millions from Greylock and a16z(TECHCRUNCH)

Cresta is more focused on using AI suggestions to help human contact center workers make the most of an individual call or chat session.

Narwhal List 2020 tracks a year of massive raises, 42 potential Canadian Unicorns(BETAKIT)

Charles Plant, the founder of the Narwhal Project, has released the 2020 Narwhal List, a report highlighting Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies.

Industrial AI startup Aquant raises $30 million(CALCALISTECH)

New York-headquartered industrial AI startup Aquant Technologies Ltd. has raised a $30 million series B funding round, the company announced Thursday.

Toronto machine learning startup Dessa acquired by Square(BETAKIT)

Dessa, a Toronto-based startup that builds machine learning applications, has been acquired by Square.

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