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Panache Ventures’ Edmonton venture partner launches real estate platform HonestDoor(BETAKIT)

Panache Ventures’ Dan Belostotsky has launched HonestDoor, a new real estate platform looking to give home buyers and sellers more transparency in home prices.

SeedLegals closes $4M Series A, led by Index Ventures, to automate startup fundraisings(TECHCRUNCH)

SeedLegals says it now has 7,000 startups — capturing, it claims, 8% of all early-stage U.K. funding rounds — using its platform to manage the entire fundraising process and all related legal documents.

The AI gig economy is coming for you(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

The artificial-intelligence industry runs on the invisible labor of humans working in isolated and often terrible conditions—and the model is spreading to more and more businesses.

Silicon Valley startup Punchh opens Toronto AI engineering hub(BETAKIT)

Silicon Valley-based digital marketing solutions startup Punchh has opened an office in Toronto that will serve as an engineering hub for artificial intelligence.

Out of stealth, Stratio emerges with predictive AI to stop your bus from breaking down(TECHCRUNCH)

Stratio is emerging from stealth to help OEMs, distributors and fleets benefit from AI-driven predictive intelligence.

TritonWear releases swim training device with AI coaching tools(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based swim training device manufacturer TritonWear is releasing the Triton 2, its new hardware and software offering with a set of AI-enabled auto-coaching tools.

BabbleLabs raises $14M in Series A financing(FINSMES)

The round was co-led by Dell Technologies Capital and Intel Capital, with participation from new investors and all major seed investors.

Borrowell publicly launches AI credit monitoring app as it nears one million users(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based FinTech Borrowell has made its free credit monitoring app widely available on iOS and Android, as it looks to reach new customer bases.

Google’s DeepMind AI learns to beat human players at ‘Quake III’(FORBES)

A recent study details how DeepMind researchers were able to use advanced artificial intelligence techniques for the AI to advance from absolute beginner to consistently beating human players.

Autotech startup Pitstop raises $1.5 million, partners with Continental(BETAKIT)

Pitstop, a cloud-based platform that uses machine learning to perform predictive vehicle maintenance, has announced it has raised $1.5 million CAD in seed financing.

Audi works with Fleetonomy to monitor and manage fleet utilization for its on-demand program(TECHCRUNCH)

Using Fleetonomy’s tools that provide predictive analytics of fleet utilization, Audi was able to improve the overall efficiency and utilization of its on-demand services.

Element AI recognized for innovation at Mitacs Entrepreneur Awards(BETAKIT)

Montreal-based Element AI has received the 20th Anniversary Award at the Mitacs Entrepreneurs Award ceremony in Halifax.

The AI revolution is here. It’s up to businesses to prepare workers for it(CNN)

The world is witnessing the biggest man-machine collaboration in its history.

HSBC opens Toronto data lab, will partner with FinTech, AI startups(BETAKIT)

HSBC has opened a new data lab in Toronto, hoping the new lab will harness AI to develop future products and generate insights that will ultimately improve customer experience.


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