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Leaders Prize offers $1 million for an AI solution to fake news at #truenorth19(BETAKIT)

“This competition will inspire the creation of breakthrough solutions that inform our citizens if the online content they consume is accurate, before and as they read it.”

Walmart is using AI-powered cameras to prevent theft at checkout lanes(THEVERGE)

If an unusual activity occurs, such as an item moving into a bag without being scanned, a checkout attendant will be notified to take action.

Two months after rebrand, Looka opens new corporate headquarters in Toronto(BETAKIT)

The company said its new office will house its team of data scientists and developers while growing Looka’s market share in Canada and the US.

AI startup Wysa bags $2 million for its conversation bot that helps improve mental health(MINT)

Wysa had raised an earlier round of $1.3 million in seed funding from Kae Capital and angel investors in 2017. The company plans to use this funding to further strengthen their technology and for expansion.

Microsoft PowerPoint gets an AI presentation coach(TECHCRUNCH)

Microsoft has announced Presenter Coach for PowerPoint, a new AI tool that gives you feedback while you’re practicing your presentation in front of your computer.

National Research Council launches AI, cybersecurity, IoT hub in Waterloo(BETAKIT)

The innovation hub, established by the NRC and the University of Waterloo, aims to make new discoveries and advances in AI, IoT, and cybersecurity.

When AI needs a human assistant(THEVERGE)

For years, Amazon’s Mechanical (mTurk) has been a kind of open secret in the tech world, a place where fledgling algorithms can hire human labour on the cheap.

Telehealth startup Dialogue raises $40 million to fuel European expansion(BETAKIT)

Montreal-based Dialogue offers companies services to access front-line healthcare providers through its virtual technology platform.

Estonian AI startup Realeyes raises €11 million(EUSTARTUPS)

Realeyes, the Estonian AI solution for measuring emotions, has raised €11 million in funding, which will be used for the company to expand to the Asian market.

AI-focused FinTech startup Active.Ai raises $3 million in a Series A follow-on round(INC42)

Active.Ai has developed a conversational AI platform for the financial sector, which can be linked to its digital interfaces, such as Alexa, Google Home, and messaging apps.

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