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Pascal Financial integrates with Fidelity as it launches private placement offering (BETAKIT)

Pascal Financial has announced that its platform now offers integration with Fidelity Clearing Canada.


What your startup can learn from the Navy SEALs

In these unprecedented times, entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. BetaKit has teamed up with Microsoft for Startups on a new series called Just One Thing, where startup founders and tech leaders share the ‘one thing’ they want the next generation of entrepreneurs to learn.

Sentropy emerges from stealth with an AI platform to tackle online abuse, backed by $13M from Initialized and more (TECHCRUNCH)

A startup called Sentropy that believes it has developed the most sophisticated, yet easy to implement, system yet to help identify, track and ultimately purge online abuse by way of its AI-based platform, is launching to take on the issue.

Facebook just released a database of 100,000 deepfakes to teach AI how to spot them (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

The videos are designed to help improve AI’s performance—as even the best methods are still not accurate enough.

Nexus leads Series A funding in enterprise automation startup JIFFY.ai (VC CIRCLE)

JIFFY.ai, the US and -India based enterprise automation startup, has raised $18 million (Rs 135.6 crore) in its Series A funding round led by Nexus Venture Partners.

L’Institut quantique becomes the first IBM Q Hub in Canada (BETAKIT)

L’Institut quantique, a research organization located at Université de Sherbrooke, is joining the IBM Q Network as an IBM Q Hub.

Domino Data Lab raises $43 million to help companies keep their AI models up to date (VENTUREBEAT)

It comes as the company introduces upgrades across its solutions portfolio, and as it launches a new suite of technologies — Domino Model Monitor — designed to prevent AI models from mistakenly exhibiting bias or degrading.

AI data labelling startup SuperAnnotate raises $3 million seed from Point Nine Capital (TECH.EU)

SuperAnnotate, an AI-driven annotation platform for data scientists and machine learning teams, has raised $3 million in a seed round led by Berlin’s Point Nine Capital.

Trillions of words analyzed, OpenAI sets loose AI language colossus (BLOOMBERG)

Over the past few months, OpenAI has vacuumed an incredible amount of data into its artificial intelligence language systems.

Nantes-based Mr Suricate raises €2 million for its AI-driven web testing tech (EU STARTUPS)

This comes after a first fundraising in February 2019 of €500K, from Pays de la Loire Développement – Sodero Gestion, and Pays de la Loire Participations – regional funds advised by SIPAREX.

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