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Clearview AI to stop offering facial recognition technology in Canada (BETAKIT)

Clearview AI, an American company that provides biometric security software, will no longer offer its facial recognition services in Canada.


The one book Erin Bury thinks every startup founder should read

In these unprecedented times, entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. BetaKit has teamed up with Microsoft for Startups on a new series called Just One Thing, where startup founders and tech leaders share the ‘one thing’ they want the next generation of entrepreneurs to learn.

SetSail raises $7M to change how sales teams are compensated (TECHCRUNCH)

CEO and co-founder Haggai Levi says his company is based on the idea that commission alone is not a good way to measure sales success, and that it is in fact a lagging indicator.

Montreal’s new international AI research hub opens, announces board of directors (BETAKIT)

The new Montreal-based international research hub, which will focus on responsible artificial intelligence and data governance, has officially launched.

Telus Ventures partners with Zebra Medical Vision to advance AI-based preventative care (MOBILESYRUP)

The company’s technology has been approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

AI, FinTech startup Senso raises $4 million CAD to further fuel US expansion (BETAKIT)

Senso, which provides financial institutions with predictive intelligence through AI, has raised a $4 million CAD ($3 million USD) funding round.

DeepMind researchers propose rebuilding the AI industry on a base of anticolonialism (VENTUREBEAT)

The paper incorporates a range of suggestions, such as analyzing data colonialism and decolonization of data relationships and employing the critical technical approach to AI development Philip Agre proposed in 1997.

Five student-led startups graduate from Platform Calgary’s summer AI incubator (BETAKIT)

Five early-stage, AI-enabled startups have graduated from the artificial intelligence stream of Platform Calgary’s Summer Incubator Program.

Microsoft’s solution to Zoom fatigue is to trick your brain (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Will sitting in a fixed virtual setting make videoconferencing better?

Toronto tech venture deal count plummets in “unfortunate” first quarter of 2020 (BETAKIT)

Toronto’s tech sector saw $361 million in venture funding over 41 deals in the first quarter of 2020, according to a new Hockeystick’s ecosystem report.

Prepare for artificial intelligence to produce less wizardry (WIRED)

A new paper argues that the computing demands of deep learning are so great that progress on tasks like translation and self-driving is likely to slow.

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