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AI for Social Good program wants to help women enter the AI industry(BETAKIT)

The program lasts six weeks, beginning with ten days of machine learning and technical upgrading courses for participants.

China’s SenseTime, the world’s highest valued AI startup, raises $600M (TECHCRUNCH)

SenseTime CEO Li Xu said the company plans to use the capital to expand its presence overseas and “widen the scope for more industrial application of AI.”

Facebook is using AI to predict users’ future behavior and selling that data to advertisers (TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

In confidential documents seen by the Intercept, Facebook touts its ability to “improve” marketing outcomes with what it calls “loyalty prediction.”

Zoom.AI raises $3.1 million seed extension to expand solution into Europe

This funding brings the company’s total seed investment to $5.2 million.

Canadians trust AI and Facebook less than politicians and media, says study

A study by Proof Inc. found that trust levels for AI are low, with only 38 percent of Canadians reporting that they think AI will have a positive impact on the country’s economy.

Google’s ‘Semantic Experiences’ let you play word games with its AI

Google does a great deal of research into natural language processing and synthesis, but not every project has to be a new Assistant feature or voice improvement. The company has recently posted a few web experiments that let you engage with its word-association systems in a playful way.

Farmers are using AI to help monitor cows (CBC)

Is the world ready for cows armed with artificial intelligence?

ATB Financial teams up with the University of Alberta to further research AI(BETAKIT)

ATB Financial is investing $940,000 over the next four years to partner with the University of Alberta.

Juro grabs $2M to take the hassle out of contracts (TECHCRUNCH)

Juro, which is applying a “design centric approach” and machine learning tech to help businesses speed up the authoring and management of sales contracts, raised the funding from Point Nine Capital.

The FDA just opened the door to let AI make medical decisions on its own (QZ)

The US Food and Drug Administration approved this week the first software powered by artificial intelligence that replaces the need for a specialized doctor to interpret medical imagery.

Indeed report: Jobs in Canada requiring AI skills have grown by 1,069 percent since 2013(BETAKIT)


RBC also took the top spot for companies hiring in AI.


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