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Hootsuite nabs conversational AI startup Heyday in $60 million deal to further social commerce push (BETAKIT)

Heyday is Hootsuite’s second acquisition this year, following the purchase of automated messaging platform Sparkcentral.


How tech can promote a collaborative, patient-centric approach in healthcare

“Innovation is not just about technology. It’s the mechanism by which you organize and sequence how you actually deliver healthcare, and how to actually understand the patient-doctor relationship.”

In an interview with BetaKit, Saleema Khimji, the Chief Innovation Officer at MCI Onehealth, shared how the current siloed ecosystem of researchers, governments, and private sector companies can fail patients – and why a new patient-centric model based on collaboration needs technology to thrive.


This Chinese city is now the Silicon Valley of robotics startups (PROTOCOL)

Venture capitalists are rushing into Dongguan, once “factory to the world.”

Venture cash is pouring into AI that can diagnose diseases. Doctors aren’t sure they can trust it. (DOT.LA)

Despite the sweeping promises of medical imaging AI, doctors remain largely distrustful of the tech.

Yaletown Partners raises $130 million in first close of Innovation Growth Fund II (BETAKIT)

IGF II follows Yaletown’s first Innovation Growth Fund, which closed in 2018.

Enterprise conversational AI startup Yellow.ai raises $78.15M (VOICEBOT.AI)

The company, formerly known as Yellow Messenger, is working on expanding its automated conversational AI for companies to new platforms and clients in the wake of its headquarters moving from India to the U.S.

Training self-driving cars for $1 an hour (REST OF WORLD)

To master the roads, autonomous vehicles need lots of data. Workers everywhere from Kenya to Venezuela are providing it.

How KitchenMate evolved its foodservice product for the post-pandemic workplace (BETAKIT)

“Offices need to accommodate higher safety requirements … and food service must be completely rethought as a result.”

A new generation of AI-powered robots is taking over warehouses (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Within a few years, any task that previously required hands to perform could be partially or fully automated away.

Drunk-driving provision could fuel demand for driver monitoring technology (TECHCRUNCH)

Startups and established suppliers are piling into the burgeoning industry.

With a new name and product, Wisedocs targets US expansion (BETAKIT)

Wisedocs’ CEO and founder Connor Atchison told BetaKit the startup recently changed its name to Wisedocs “to cater to a clearer representation” of what it does given “how agnostic [its] system is.”

Deep Genomics secures $226 million CAD led by SoftBank as it scales AI drug discovery platform (BETAKIT)

“In 2019, we got the AI to work…and the last year and a half it’s been about scaling it up, just ready to go all out.

Police are telling ShotSpotter to alter evidence from gunshot-detecting AI (VICE)

Prosecutors in Chicago are being forced to withdraw evidence generated by the technology, which led to the police killing of 13-year-old Adam Toledo earlier this year.

Climate AI startups offer businesses shelter from inclement weather risk (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

There have been eight extreme events in the U.S. with losses exceeding $1 billion so far in 2021.

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Josh Scott

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