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Director of data and digital for the Government of Canada leaves to join AI Global(BETAKIT)

The now-former director of data and digital for the Government of Canada, Ashley Casovan, has left her post with the government to join non-profit AI Global.


Why Canada can win the global AI race(MARS)

Deep Genomics works on the very limits of our scientific understanding. But it’s also on the leading edge of another phenomenon: a wave of AI innovation coming out of Canada.

AR mapping startup 6D.ai expands platform as it exits beta(TECHCRUNCH)

World-mapping computer vision startup 6D.ai is expanding support to new devices as its augmented reality platform exits beta.

Elon Musk: We communicate too slowly for future AI to understand(FUTURISM)

Computer engineers have built processors that work at blazing-fast speeds, but our mortal brains work far slower — a disparity Musk thinks could break down future human-AI relations.

Avidbots partners with US provider to deploy floor-scrubbing robots in hospitals(BETAKIT)

Avidbots, a Kitchener-based robotics company, has partnered with support services provider HHS to bring Avidbot’s autonomous floor scrubber robot to a number of hospitals across the US.

The Pentagon admitted it will lose to China on AI if it doesn’t make some big changes(BUSINESSINSIDER)

China’s AI programs benefit greatly from its military’s integration with the private sector, something the US military has been struggling to cultivate.

ThoughtSpot hauls in $248M Series E on $1.95B valuation(TECHCRUNCH)

The company wants to help customers bring speed to data analysis by answering natural language questions about the data without having to understand how to formulate a SQL query.

Parity expands senior team with energy veterans following recent Series A raise(BETAKIT)

Earlier this year, John Macdonald, the former president and CEO of Enercare, one of the largest heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies in North America, also joined Parity as its board chair.

Are psychiatrists really ready for the AI revolution?(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Machine learning can help manage a wide range of mental health disorders. But the psychiatric profession is worryingly unprepared for this change, according to a global survey.

Apple turns Siri grading off by default, only lets employees hear recordings(MOBILESYRUP)

Those who opt-in to the grading process will have their Siri recordings reviewed by Apple employees.

Bestmile raises $16.5 million to manage human and AI-driven fleets(TECHCRUNCH)

Bestmile, a transportation software startup, has raised $16.5 million in a Series B round led by Blue Lagoon Capital and TransLink Capital.

Worximity Technology raises $6.25 million Series A to help digitize manufacturing(BETAKIT)

The new funding round will be used to increase the pace in which Worximity Technology develops its technology and expands into international markets.

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