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Deep Genomics secures $226 million CAD led by SoftBank as it scales AI drug discovery platform (BETAKIT)

“In 2019, we got the AI to work…and the last year and a half it’s been about scaling it up, just ready to go all out.


How tech can promote a collaborative, patient-centric approach in healthcare

“Innovation is not just about technology. It’s the mechanism by which you organize and sequence how you actually deliver healthcare, and how to actually understand the patient-doctor relationship.”

In an interview with BetaKit, Saleema Khimji, the Chief Innovation Officer at MCI Onehealth, shared how the current siloed ecosystem of researchers, governments, and private sector companies can fail patients – and why a new patient-centric model based on collaboration needs technology to thrive.


PsiQuantum raises $450 million to build its quantum computer (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

The Palo Alto, Calif., startup says its approach of using photons as quantum bits will lead to reliable calculations without errors.

Intel-backed Untether AI raises $125 million, adds CPPIB, Tracker Capital as investors (BETAKIT)

Untether AI plans to use the fresh capital to expand its current product reach and accelerate the development of its next-generation products, attacking “a multitude of markets.”

On ethical AI, the world is calling – and it’s time for Canada to answer (THE GLOBE AND MAIL)

As the pandemic winds down and the economy ramps up, the urgency to act is that much more acute.

Clearco launches new partnership recommendation service as part of push to serve founders “beyond capital” (BETAKIT)

Earlier this month, Clearco raised $268 million CAD in a Softbank-led round, accelerating the company’s international expansion plans and overall roadmap.

Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch COVID. None of them helped. (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Some have been used in hospitals, despite not being properly tested. But the pandemic could help make medical AI better.

Microsoft, AltaML among partners in new University of Waterloo student training program (BETAKIT)

Microsoft Canada and AltaML are leading the AI stream of WE Accelerate, with the goal of helping train the next generation of AI leaders in Canada.

Epic’s AI algorithms, shielded from scrutiny by a corporate firewall, are delivering inaccurate information on seriously ill patients (STAT NEWS)

Employees of several major health systems said they were particularly concerned about Epic’s algorithm for predicting sepsis.

How robot carpenters could help solve Canada’s housing crisis (THE GLOBE AND MAIL)

While finance and manufacturing have embraced computer technology, radically altering their operation, the construction industry has fallen behind using emerging technologies, including robotics and AI.

Computer vision startup Algolux secures $23 million CAD Series B round (BETAKIT)

“The world of cameras is actually going to evolve very quickly, but we feel…in many ways, well ahead of the curve.”

Why artificial intelligence isn’t intelligent (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

Some experts in AI think its name fuels confusion and hype of the sort that led to past ‘AI winters’ of disappointment.

Josh Scott

Josh Scott

Josh Scott is a BetaKit reporter focused on telling in-depth Canadian tech stories and breaking news. His coverage is more complete than his moustache. He was also the winner of SABEW Canada’s 2023 Jeff Sanford Best Young Journalist award.

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