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Report: AI drives VC investment as Canada hits $900 million USD for second straight quarter (BETAKIT)

AI experienced a 104 percent funding increase in Q2 2018 compared to last quarter.

Salesforce Reccommends: Do you speak AI? How Salesforce is building a unified approach for improving natural language understanding. (SALESFORCE)

Delve into how Salesforce’s Chief Scientist, Richard Socher, is working on building a more productive and intuitive relationship between humans and machines.

Figure Eight partners with Google to give AutoML developers better training data (TECHCRUNCH)

Figure Eight announced new collaboration with Google that essentially turns Figure Eight into the de facto standard for creating and annotating machine learning data for Google Cloud’s AutoML service.

Ada integrates AI-enabled customer service chatbot with Zendesk (BETAKIT)

The integration will leverage Ada’s AI technology to train chatbots to complete simple tasks and identify when users need to be transferred to live customer service agents.

Leading AI researchers vow to not develop autonomous weapons (CNN)

Thousands of the world’s foremost experts on artificial intelligence, worried that any technology they develop could be used to kill, vowed to play no role in the creation of autonomous weapons.

Four ways AI is leveling the retail playing field versus Amazon (FORBES)

“Retailers need to identify their specific strengths and weaknesses and implement AI accordingly to engage with customers effectively.”

How AI and empathy could modernize the role of retail associates (BETAKIT)

“We should work towards using automation and AI to our advantage, but it will start with understanding how they work.”

Snap40 raises $8M for its AI-powered patient monitoring solution (TECHCRUNCH)

Snap40, which has developed an AI-enabled wearable device to help health professionals monitor patients either on the hospital ward or at home, raised the funding from ADV, with participation from MMC Ventures.

AI Benchmark rates smartphones’ neural network performance (VENTUREBEAT)

A group of computer vision researchers from ETH Zurich have created a benchmark system for assessing the performance of several major neural network architectures used for common AI tasks in smartphones.

Industrial robots startup Gideon Brothers raises $765K led by TransferWise co-founder (TECHCRUNCH)

Gideon Brothers’ technology combines 3D computer vision and deep learning to enable the company’s robots to be aware of their environment and operate autonomously, similar to self-driving vehicles.

Ontario’s Hamilton Health Sciences developing healthcare AI applications (BETAKIT)

Hamilton Health Sciences has announced a partnership with clinician company Real Time Medical on artificial intelligence application development for healthcare.

Google will use AI to fix your grammar mistakes (MASHABLE)

Google is finally adding a grammar check feature to Google Docs — one that will be able to address even complicated grammatical errors using AI.


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