Ontario’s Hamilton Health Sciences developing healthcare AI applications


Ontario medical group Hamilton Health Sciences has announced a partnership with clinician company Real Time Medical on artificial intelligence (AI) application development for healthcare.

Real Time Medical will work with Hamilton Health Sciences and MIIRCAM (Medical Imagining Informatics Research Centre at McMaster) on the following services:

  • Advanced research and collaboration on new projects
  • AI training
  • Clinical trials and leadership and advisory services
  • Data labeling and validation
  • Identification of the most beneficial clinical applications
  • Joint IP development and patenting
  • Provision of various balancing technology for use during validation and clinical trials
  • Validation of resulting algorithms with over a hundred 100 licensed radiologists
  • “The development and validation of algorithms using high quality, well correlated clinical data sets is still very much a challenge for AI application initiatives,” said Dr. David Koff, chair of the Department of Radiology, McMaster University Hospital, of the need for the new partnership. According to Hamilton Health Sciences, the collaboration will bring together AI technology developers and close to 100 faculty, 32 residents and 12 fellows, medical physicists and engineering resources.


    Bradly Shankar

    Fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University.

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