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Ross Intelligence files counterclaim against Thomson Reuters after announcing cease of operations (BETAKIT)

Legaltech startup Ross Intelligence has filed a counterclaim against Thomson Reuters as part of an ongoing legal battle between the two companies.


Why San Francisco-based VC Hustle Fund Is Betting Big on Canada

“At Hustle Fund, we’re convinced that Canada is positioned well to produce some of the largest, category-defining companies on the planet. We’re eager to fund these companies, and excited to partner with Hockeystick to identify these opportunities!” – Eric Bahn (General Partner)

Since launch, Hockeystick has made over 6000 funder recommendations to Canadian startups. Learn how startups are using technology to meet funders around the world.

Thornhill teen uses machine learning, AI to treat Tourette syndrome (NEWMARKET TODAY)

Over the past year, Jerry Di has assembled a team to work on a biotechnology startup to support the treatment field for Tourette syndrome.

Former Intel, Tesla chip exec Jim Keller joins artificial intelligence startup (REUTERS)

Jim Keller, a prominent computing chip architect who left Intel Corp last year, has joined a Toronto-based startup developing artificial intelligence chips.

Chinese AI chip startup Enflame brings in $278.5M in new funding (ENTERPRISE AI)

The latest investor group includes Chinese Internet giant Tencent, which also participated in earlier Enflame funding rounds.

Vaccinating the world against COVID is off to a slow start. These firms think A.I. and blockchain could help (FORTUNE)

“This is about trying to solve the biggest data puzzle of our lifetime,” says Jason Kelley, who heads blockchain services for IBM.

Calgary-based Attabotics receives $34 million from federal government (BETAKIT)

Attabotics is set to receive an investment of $34 million from the federal government through a contribution from the Strategic Innovation Fund.

This avocado armchair could be the future of AI (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

OpenAI has extended GPT-3 with two new models that combine NLP with image recognition to give its AI a better understanding of everyday concepts.

Trash-sorting AMP Robotics closes $55 billion in Series B funding (CHEDDAR)

The funding will help the company grow internationally and improve its “vision system,” which uses a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics to sort through everything from used-up batteries to crumpled cardboard.

Lacework raises $525 million to automate cloud security and compliance (VENTUREBEAT)

Roughly 83% of enterprise workloads have moved to the cloud, according to a 2020 survey from LogicMonitor. But the cloud remains vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Self-driving pioneer Waymo dumps the term ‘self-driving’ (CNN)

Waymo, the self-driving arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet, and which pioneered the self-driving car business, says it’s done with the term “self-driving.”

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