#WWTO captures the future in September’s wearable camera event

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While security cameras being used for surveillance purposes isn’t a new concept, the increased availability of smartphone cameras to the public has given the power of surveillance to the common person.

During a time where every move you make can be recorded for widespread public scrutiny, wearable cameras and drones are poised to change the future of how we use cameras in our daily lives.

For this month’s We Are Wearables on September 9th at the MaRS Discovery District, Capturing the Future will explore how cameras — specifically wearable cameras — are evolving, including talks from those whose industries will see the most disruption. Steve Mann, regarded as the father of wearable computing, will talk about the future of wearable cameras. And as privacy becomes a larger concern for wearable camera use, Vance Lockton, senior analyst from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, will talk about the implications of wearable camera use. Michael Barsky, staff sergeant at Toronto Police Services, will also discuss the recent Toronto Police body camera pilot.

“Wearable technology marks a huge shift in the way we document our lives by persistently capturing the moment on our behalf, which will allow us to focus on living the moment rather than disrupting it,” said Tom Emrich, founder of We Are Wearables and BetaKit Senior Editor (BetaKit is a #WWTO sponsor). “Of course, a world with wearable cameras and other emerging camera technology like drones requires new rules, especially around privacy.”

The event will feature bionic eyes — including a talk from Robert Devenyi, who performed the surgery of Canada’s first “bionic eye” implant — body cameras, drones, 360-degree filming, and 3D scanning. Some exhibitors on the demo floor include DreamQii, makers of a highly maneuverable drone, HWKI, makers of a hockey-specific wearable camera.

For more information on the event, including panelists and demo exhibitors, check it out here.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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