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Statistics & Forecasts

7% of all people in the US are planning to give the Apple Watch as a gift this year (The Independent)

Apple forecasted to sell 40 million Apple Watch devices by 2017 according to Munster (Tech Insider)

Virtual Retinal Display Market Worth 66.60 Million USD by 2025 (PR Newswire)

Global Wearable Medical Devices Market To Grow to $17B by 2022 (MDDI)

Global wearable technology market size was $18.91 billion in 2014 and will reach $196.5 billion by 2022 (Virtual-Strategy)

Two thirds of survey respondents believe wearables will further medicine (Marketwired)

A study by Gartner, Inc. has found that by 2018, consumers will be using three to four personal devices every day (Daily Mail)

TAG Heurer increases Carrera Connected smartwatch orders from 1,200 to 2,000 per week (MobileSyrup)

Device Announcements

HTC delays Vive until 2016 (PC World)

Samsung delays Samsung Pay for S2 smartwatch till the new year (Engadget)

Funding, Crowdfunding & M&A

AR startup Magic Leap is raising another $827 million (The Verge)

New $10M VR fund, Presence Capital, formed by HTC Vive and Farmville creators (VentureBeat)

Former Goldman Sachs partner leads nearly $3 million investment in Wearsafe Labs (PR Newswire)

TuringSense launches Indiegogo campaign for tennis wearable PIVOT (Sporttechie)

Leaf gets $250K in seed funding (Chronicle Daily)

Major Milestones

GoPro brings camera controls to the Apple Watch (MobileSyrup)

Apple Watch gets Apple TV 4 remote app (Wareable)

Flickr launches 360-photo viewing on Gear VR (MobileSyrup)

Apple released watchOS 2.1 (MobileSyrup)

Pebble brings firmware 3.0 to original devices (MobileSyrup)

Showtime launches first ever boxing match in VR (Mashable)

Google Authenticator comes to Android Wear smartwatches (Tech Times)

Oculus and Harmonix announce Rock Band for VR coming in 2016 (Forbes)

Patriots launch Cardboard fan app (Fortune)


Apple may be announcing the Apple Watch 2 in March (MobileSyrup)

Google may be working on a wearable that tests the blood of diabetic patients (ComputerWorld)

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