WeedMD and BLOCKStrain announce cannabis strain verification program

Toronto-based WeedMD, a federally-licensed producer and distributor of cannabis, along with Vancouver-based BLOCKStrain, have launched what the companies say is a first-of-its-kind strain validation program. The program consists of a testing and verification process that will confirm cannabis strains as they are purchased.

WeedMD says it is the first licensed producer in the world to implement strain verification into its sales program. This announcement comes after the collection and registration of plant DNA from its Aylmer, Ontario facility last year.

“With the completion of the strains genetic testing, consumers will appreciate the traceability and origin assurance of the cannabis strains they are purchasing from WeedMD,” Keith Merker, CEO of WeedMD said in a statement.

Last year, WeedMD formed a data analytics program with Braingrid in order to measure growth and achieve increased yield and energy efficiency.

Merker says it now has 40 cannabis strains that will be marked with a ‘BLOCKStrain Certificate of Authenticity’ and can be cross-referenced as verifiable strains in BLOCKStrain’s database.

WeedMD says it is the first licensed producer in the world to implement strain verification into its sales program.

BLOCKStrain’s Master Genome Strain Registration and Clone Strain Registration program focuses on transparency and quality assurance for cannabis customers. Scientists at the company collect plant data and genomic sequencing in plant batches, which is then registered in the company’s blockchain-enabled database. The program stores information regarding the molecular and chemical makeup, gathered from the plant genome.

“For years, consumers have been purchasing cannabis products with very little information on what exactly is being purchased, but they can now trace strain origin and their CBD/THC content, along with all other pertinent information,” Robert Galarza, CEO of BLOCKStrain said in a statement. “With the unique technology of our Master Genome Strain and Clone registration program, producers can now guarantee their strains and provide customers with product assuredness.”

BLOCKStrain has plans for the future to have a quick response barcode assigned to each plant batch that will tell users its cannabinoid content, and how it was cloned and cultivated.

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