Wealth management platform d1g1t closes $9 million Series A

FinTech company d1g1t has closed its second round of Series A financing for its enterprise digital wealth management platform.

d1g1t said it has raised over $9 million in two private investment rounds led by Purpose Financial, which is headed by Som Seif and backed by OMERS Ventures. Other investors in d1g1t include Extreme Venture Partners and Portag3 Ventures, as well as an undisclosed group of angel investors and d1g1t clients.

d1g1t’s enterprise-wide portfolio and client management capabilities leverage analytics and cloud technology to enable advisors to manage their portfolios. The platform helps advisors provide investment decision support, and align clients’ goals with their investment strategies.

“The wealth management industry has been underserved by modern technology,” said Dr. Dan Rosen, the co-founder and CEO of d1g1t. “We have engineered the d1g1t platform to empower advisors to provide proven, transparent, value-added services built around client goals, a richer customized experience for their clients, and stronger client relationships based on long-term trust. Technology, analytics, Big Data and AI will have tremendous impact on the wealth management industry, but will not eliminate the need for human advisors. Instead, they will dramatically improve the services that these advisors provide to their clients.”

The d1g1t enterprise wealth management platform is now going live with four clients, responsible for managing approximately $13 billion of assets under management for over 5,000 households. As one of the four clients, Purpose Financial is also a lead investor, and its Purpose Advisory Solutions platform has been working with the d1g1t team for the last 12 months.

“We’re excited to support d1g1t in its roadmap as we feel our industry has done little to invest in technology to support advisors and allow them to optimize their portfolio strategies and client experience,” said Som Seif, the CEO of Purpose. “d1g1t provides an unparalleled end-to-end platform to run a modern advisory business which enables advisors to manage much bigger books more efficiently. Advisors and business leaders can now manage their business real-time through business intelligence and continuity reports, advisors can focus on value-added activities, and their families and clients can get full transparency through an integrated client experience and modern reporting.”

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