“We Wanted to Do Something Bigger Than Vancouver”: HIGHLINE’s Bixby Talks New Accelerator Program

What started as a simple collaboration on a CAIP funding application ended in one of Canada’s most talked-about stories in the startup space.

It was a bit of a shock when the Canadian startup world learned of Extreme Startups and GrowLabs’ merger last week, into what is now the HIGHLINE accelerator program.

We caught up with former GrowLab director and current board member at HIGHLINE, Jonathan Bixby at this year’s GROW Conference in Whistler. We asked the new leader about how the program came about, how it will focus its energies in Canada and what founders can expect.

In the video, Bixby explained that Growlab “wanted to take that funding and do something bigger than just Vancouver, and Marcus [Daniels] had the same vision.”

Check out the interview here: