Visa report: Two in three Canadians would trust banks with biometric data

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As technology progresses, so too do the ways in which people can store personal information. Beyond mere passwords, consumers can also store information using biometrics like fingerprint, voice, facial and retinal scanning.

In fact, a new Visa survey shows at least 57 percent of Canadians say they’ve tried fingerprint recognition, with 25 percent saying they use it on a regular basis. However, awareness and usage is lowest for vein pattern recognition.

What’s more, 67 percent of Canadians say they would trust banks with this kind of information with their banks.

The biggest reasons for people wanting to adopt these methods is that it does away with needing to remember multiple passwords (47 percent of respondents) and it’s a more secure method of storage (43 percent).

The top concern, meanwhile, was associated with the inability to change information after a leak (40 percent), such as fingerprints being unable to be updated like a password.

At least 57 percent of Canadians said they think biometrics are faster than passwords and 65 percent said they were easier to use.

To conduct the survey, AYTM Market Research polled 1,000 Canadians between October 25th and November 1st, 2017. The full survey can be viewed here.

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Bradly Shankar

Fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University.

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