Video: Extreme Startups Company Dubb Turns Users’ Contacts Into a Discoverable Network

In our third video interview with Extreme Startups, Joseph Czikk chats with Dubb CEO Neven Zeremski at DX3 2014 in Toronto.

The pair chatted about Dubb’s new app, a secure way to reach social and professional contacts through mobile numbers. The Yugoslavian-born Zeremski explained “we have thousands of Facebook friends, hundreds of LinkedIn friends, but in the end when you’re really looking for somebody, can’t find somebody. Try finding a Ruby developer on LinkedIn.”

Dubb’s new mobile app, aggregates users’ friend’s address books and contacts into one easily searchable and discoverable network. Users can use tags and keywords to find exactly who they’re looking for.

“With Dubb your contacts are always relevant, up to date and useful,” said the company. “Social messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber work based on phone numbers, so get the most of them by leveraging Dubb to expand your contact list!”

Check out the interview here: