Vancouver’s Nettle’s Tale Appeals to a Realistic View of Women’s Bodies

Forget unrealistic portrayals of women’s bodies being shoved in our faces by advertisements- make way for Nettle’s Tale, a Vancouver-based eshop that sells real women’s swim wear for the real woman.

Founded by Vancouverite Julian Church, the shop sells locally-made (on Clark Drive) swimwear in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t hyper-sexualize its marketing. In fact, all the models are women from the Pacific northwest whose bodies aren’t retouched or photoshopped.

“I want more individualized swimwear that shares my stories and my experience with me that’s catered to my age, my style, my shape, my body,” said Church in a promo video.

“When you go swimwear shopping, you feel like ‘great, I have to take my body, which is different from every other women’s body thats out there on the planet, and I have to try and fit in to what’s on the market. There’s no other company that not just accepts, but celebrates me.”

Her message was so popular that Nettle’s Tale’s crowdfunding campaign made the Globe and Mail’s list of Top 10 Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns, and was featured by everyone from Huffington Post to Canadian Living.

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The Indiegogo “sensation” campaign in May ended up raising more than 700 percent of its target, raising $70,300. It looks like all is going well for the new startup.

“We were blown away by the demand,” said Church. “There is so much interest in our concept of embracing all women’s bodies—we couldn’t be more grateful for all the support.”

The company feels it made headlines because its innovative designs, social responsibility, and “a refreshingly honest approach to marketing.”

Interestingly, more than half of its revenue is coming from outside Canada. And while interested people ca easily order swimwear via their website right now, the company is planning to open a brick-and-mortar popup shop for four days.

“We want to go the extra mile,” said Church. The shop will open up in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver July 29-August 1 at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street). “I’ve received countless letters from women who feel affirmed and inspired by our company, and the team is so excited to connect with our supporters first-hand.”

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