Vancouver’s Koho wins Nasdaq FinTech Innovation Award at NY TechDay

Koho Daniel Eberhard
Koho CEO and founder Daniel Eberhard.

NY TechDay, the world’s largest startup event, with over 400 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees, doesn’t take place until tomorrow, but already Canadian startups are stealing the headlines.

Last night, at the Nasdaq Startup Reception for NY TechDay, Vancouver-based Koho received the FinTech Innovation Award for Best Financial Technology Company. Dropping out of stealth mode late last year, Koho wants to disrupt the Canadian banking system by decoupling the consumer experience of banking from banks themselves. Currently focused on fundraising and its impending beta launch, Koho recently added some impressive names to its advisory board. Friday, the company will get to open the Nasdaq.

Koho co-founder and CEO, Daniel Eberhard, was kind enough to answer a few questions over email as he prepped for a busy few days in the Big Apple.

So NY TechDay hasn’t even started yet and you’re walking out a winner. What has the experience been like so far?

It’s all pretty surreal. We’re a small startup from Vancouver so to be here, in the financial hub of the world, receiving an award from Nasdaq and TechDay is humbling. That said, this is such an incredible platform so we’re super excited for the opportunity to continue to tell our story.

What does it feel like to be named Best Fintech Company in one of the world’s biggest financial hubs?

Haha, we’re not kidding ourselves. There are so many amazing companies in NY who have done incredible things. Still, it’s pretty amazing. Our team, investors and users took a bet on us and awards like this help us to validate their confidence in us.

Ok, let’s talk about validation, especially since you haven’t yet launched. What do you think set Koho apart?

A couple things. I think we have been really diligent in validating our pain point and acquisition strategy, so we tell a pretty good story in that respect. The other thing is that what we’re doing is relatable, in that everyone has felt these pain points, but it is also somewhat audacious. I think there is an underdog story that people seem to get behind.

Disclosure: Koho co-founder Jonathan Bixby is also the co-founder HIGHLINE. BetaKit’s East and West Coast offices are housed in HIGHLINE’s Vancouver and Toronto co-working spaces.

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

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