Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 35: Brewhouse

Drew and James open the show with a quick chat about staying focused and working on side projects. There is also some discussion about Pokemon Go, and programmers who started as game developers. The guest this week is Kalvir Sandhu, the founder and CEO of Brewhouse.

Sandhu founded Brewhouse a couple of years ago and has had the pedal to the metal ever since. On top of being the founder and CEO, he leads the Brewhouse team to develop ideas, software, and rock-solid businesses strategies for our clients and internal products.

When he isn’t at Brewhouse building products and providing services, he runs the VanRuby meetup.
Our discussion jumps all over the place from the services Brewhouse provides, to some of the products they are building like Goodbits. We also talk about an “agencies that also have products” and how to manage that service-product balance.

Near the end of the show, we cover some of the issues regarding diversity in tech and the challenge of finding the right person for the job.

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