Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 33: Tableau Software

Drew and James open the show with a discussion about “beer o’clock”, and whether that is inclusive, exclusive, and how to fix it. The guest this week is Jesse Calderon, the senior director of engineering at Tableau Software. The interview starts at 0:19:04.

When Calderon moved to Vancouver, he was only planning on staying for a couple of years, but it’s been seven years now, and he is showing no sign of leaving. Calderon joined Tableau last year.

If you were wondering if there are any companies in Vancouver that trust their employees, give them the freedom to make their own decisions, and choose their tools, Tableau is a top contender.

Tableau is a pretty big company, but they have employees all up and down the west coast. Jesse has some useful tips for managing the remote team and making sure things get done on time and at a high quality. They have an interesting approach to hiring as well.

If you are a company that needs to wrangle or understand a ton of data or is looking for simple tools but still needs powerful features, Tableau is a great solution. They even have a free online marketplace where you can see some of the companies using their software to generate reports or build case studies.

You can use Tableau for free if you contribute your work back to the marketplace, and it’s an excellent choice for governments or citizens that are using Tableau with open data.

Tableau has a fantastic product as well as an enviable culture. If you are interested in open data, data visualization, or you are scoping out some exciting companies to work at, check out this episode!

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