Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 28: Kier Miron and Eric Muyser

This week is light on events but heavy on discussions. Drew and James open the show with a chat about missing client information, some new tools they are using, and another cool job to plug. This is a special show with 2 simultaneous guests, Kier Miron, and Eric Muyser. The interview starts at [0:37:37](#37:37).

In this special episode, we have two game developers with two different perspectives. Kier Miron is a developer at Red Hook Studios, which recently completed their game Darkest Dungeon after a successful Kickstarter. Kier represents the PC/Desktop/native game side of our discussion.

Eric Muyser, when not being a developer advocate at Mobify, develops games through his side-­company Stoke Games. They have a few games out now. He represents the web side of the game discussion.

We start out with short intros about each guest but quickly move into some of the differences between the games and their platforms. Kier gives some insight about what it was like working on a successful Kickstarter campaign. Eric mentions making games on the side and how choosing the right tools can make things much easier. He mentions a couple of things he used to make his games, as well as how he gets cross­platform support without any additional work. Kier also says some of the issues with cross-platform builds between Mac, PC, and consoles. He discusses some of the techniques that they use to reduce work when cross­platform is needed.

Kier and Eric both give some tips for getting hired in the game industry. They have a couple of ways to start contributing to games right away as well.

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