Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 27: Dean Sutton of Istuary Idea Labs

Dean Sutton

Drew and James open the show with a quick chat about project scopes, some discussion on analytics, and excellent internet in South Korea. Our interview today is with Dean Sutton, who has many roles, but is currently helping the local incubator, Istuary. The interview starts at 0:31:45.

Dean Sutton is an entrepreneur and mentor to many different startups in the Vancouver community. When he went to pitch a company to the founder of Istuary, the founder was so impressed with Dean that he wanted him to help out with the new project called Istuary Idea Labs.

In the interview, Dean gives a lot of insight into how Canadian companies can expand to Asia, why they may need help, and how they can get started with almost no investment. Dean also speaks a little about how Canadians are different from other entrepreneurs south of the border, as well as what we can do to help change that mindset.

Dean is not an employee at Istuary, so he is there to advocate, and act as an outsider, when dealing with new ideas and businesses. He has been to China himself, so he understands what it takes to coach a business into a state where they can be successful.

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