Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 26: Small Yellow Duck

Drew and James have a long show this week. First, they cover some ideas on leveling the playing field with remote and local employees. Drew went to a ton of meetups, so there is an excellent breakdown of each day. We have lots of links for this episode, so check the show notes!

The interview this week is with Kiri Nichol from Small Yellow Duck. The interview starts at 0:42:36. Nichol is a data science junky! When she is not organizing her Kaggle competitions, she is competing against others. She has a Ph.D. in Physics and has a real passion for problem solving.

We talk about machine learning, big data, problem­-solving using data, when does it make sense to hire a data scientist, and what information suits data science.

One of the subjects we get to is the problem of homelessness. Kiri talks about some of the areas where data science might help. This is a big problem that may, or may not, be solved by just collecting data. She also mentions that the data doesn’t have morals, so if it shows that doing something morally bad can actually cause a financial windfall, then that might not help the problem you are tackling.

If you are interested in learning a little more about some of the data science terms, some tricks, or
some of the cool use cases, this show is for you!

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