Vancouver-based NodeFly Joins Forces with StrongLoop

StrongLoop has announced that they’ve acquired the assets of Vancouver-based NodeFly, which means NodeFly’s Node.js Application Performance Monitoring (APM) system will be a StrongLoop-branded service. The deal will see the NodeFly APM integrated into the StrongLoop Node product. NodeFly registration and the dashboard will move to StrongLoop’s website in the coming weeks.

The NodeFly team, which is about 8 employees, will be managing and developing their technology for StrogLoop through the terms of a services contract. To that end, NodeFly’s APM is to be renamed StrongOps, which StrongLoop says is a better fit with the company’s brand.

Albert Tsang, co-founder and CTO at StrongLoop, said the acquisition would provide users with an easy way to maintain their Node.js applications in production while also furthering the company’s mission to provide a complete toolset for developing Node.js applications. According to the StrongLoop blog, “the acquisition of NodeFly’s technology provides us with this capability plus rounds out our offering, bringing us closer to fulfilling our vision of a complete toolset for developing Node.js applications.”

NodeFly is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and was founded in 2011. It announced an $800,000 Seed Round from Shasta Venture Partners last November.

Source: StrongLoop
Via: GigaOm

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