Vancouver-based Koho hiring Toronto team, including VP of Finance and COO

Koho team
The Koho team circo 2017. Koho's staff currently sits at around 90 employees.

Vancouver-based Koho is hiring a Toronto team.

The company is hiring for 18 positions across departments like engineering, marketing, and product. The company is looking for two VPs — in finance and compliance and risk management — as well as a chief operating officer.

Koho launched its product in Canada in July 2016 of last year, after securing partnerships with Visa, Peoples Trust Company, and Galileo Processing. The platform, which targets millennials, allows users to manage their money via a mobile app and the reloadable prepaid Koho Visa card. The company processed $1 million by March 2017.

“We think we can win Canada relatively quickly,” founder Daniel Eberhard said at the time. “Our acquisition cost is way below industry average, it takes people three minutes to get an account, and their engagement is 8x.”

BetaKit has reached out for comment on the planned expansion.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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