US-based DoorDash expands to Vancouver, marking second entry into Canada


It seems like every day there’s a new mobile app that lets you pay for your lunch or coffee with your phone. In such a competitive market, it’s an app-eat-app world.

While apps like Ritual and Grabb fight for the Toronto food scene, new players are starting to take notice of the Canadian market. DoorDash, a San Francisco-based app that lets you order food to your home or office, has announced an expansion to Vancouver, following the company’s first Canadian entry in Toronto in early November.

“At the beginning of 2015 we were only in four markets in the USA, today we are now in 22 markets including two in Canada,” DoorDash’s Ryan Broderick told BetaKit. “My wife is from Toronto and after visiting her family multiple times and viewing the city through a DoorDash lens, I quickly realized both Toronto and Vancouver would be strong markets for DoorDash. Both cities are underserved from a restaurant delivery standpoint.”

With recent U.S. expansions into Canada showing less than stellar results, we aked Broderick about the role Canada would play in the company’s future plans.

“Canada is vital to our long-term company strategy not only because it is a significant growth opportunity, but also because it represents our first international market,” he said. “Launching our service in Toronto and Vancouver was a non-trivial undertaking, and it involved every team at our company. Our ability to optimize all facets of our business for a new country became the foundation for our global expansion playbook and we look forward to continuing our growth in 2016.”

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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