Toronto’s TouchBistro Adds Mobile Payments to Its Restaurant POS Solution

TouchBistro today announced it’s adding mobile payments to its POS solution for restaurants, allowing diners to pay at their table with their phones.

The startup has integrated the “Pay at Table” service in the PayPal app with its TouchBistro mobile point of sale (POS) solution, used by the food and drink industry for tableside ordering. Customers at any participating TouchBistro location in North America can now use the PayPal app on their smartphones to access, view, and quickly and easily pay for their food and drinks without having to ask their server for their bill or wait for them to process the transaction.

Customers simply check in to the restaurant from the PayPal app when they arrive and the server uses the TouchBistro app to assign them to a table or seat. When the server places the customer’s food or drink order from within the TouchBistro app, the details are automatically reflected in real time on the customer’s mobile device. Tapping the “See Bill” button in the PayPal app, customers can view their bill at any time, and when ready to pay they can add a tip, or split the bill and check out with PayPal. Once customers confirm payment, transaction details are quickly updated in the TouchBistro app, enabling servers to immediately see when the customer’s bill has been settled.

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It’s a real-time integration between TouchBistro and the Pay at Table service in the PayPal app, that the company said “simplifies and speeds up the payment process by reducing wait times for customers that are ready to pay their bill and leave, and by minimizing credit card processing times. It also enables restaurants to turn their tables faster.”

Restaurants that use TouchBistro POS solutions across North America and have a PayPal account can immediately enable and begin using the integrated Pay at Table service.

“There are two pain points that we have identified in the dining experience – ordering and paying – and we are now solving both with the use of mobile technology,” said CEO Alex Barrotti. “Restaurants that are using TouchBistro’s mobile POS solutions for tableside ordering together with the Pay at Table service can now save on average seven minutes per table from the time they seat a customer until they leave the table. This is significant as it enables restaurants to serve more customers and in turn increases their revenues.”



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