Toronto’s PitchPoint Solutions Gets $2.8 Million from BEST Funds

PitchPoint Solutions, a Toronto-based enterprise solution company for businesses in the financial sector, has raised $2.8 million in funding from Toronto-based BEST Funds.

PitchPoint deploys enterprise and market Web-based automation solutions for the financial sector. It offers several solutions and products, namely its “PitchPoint Promptu,” an on-demand platform providing powerful web tools or a system-to-system interface that allows clients to streamline data entry or import the loan file. Using Promptu, those clients in the financial industry can validate data across billions of public records from leading national databases. The company also offers custom solutions for clients as well.

“Our goal is to seek out innovative companies that show considerable promise for the future,” said BEST Funds CEO John Richardson. “PitchPoint’s unique methodology and proven delivery practises set it apart in an already aggressive marketplace, and we’re confident that with this capital they will continue to grow toward their full potential.”

PitchPoint CEO Stephen Schrump added that the company is “very excited to be working with BEST Funds, as their unique, flexible approach to funding helps us grow as a company. We know that with this investment PitchPoint Solutions will advance its sales and marketing tactics while striving to lead the industry in technology developments.”

BEST Funds has already invested in several Canadian startups, like Cognivue Solutions, Infonaut, Filetrek and more. Check out their complete portfolio here.


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