Toronto’s Crowdbabble Launches Instagram Analytics

Toronto-based startup Crowdbabble has launched its Instagram Analytics product today, which joins a list of over 30 different social media channels that the company offers analytics reports for. For a already huge amount of startups catering to CMOs, marketers are kings, and Crowdbabble’s new product can attest to that.

The startup is a social media analytics company that helps businesses to measure their social media performance. CEO Abbas Alidina feels that the ability for brands to engage with the 150 million users on Instagram, and measure their performance with these users, is critical. “We’ve had customers requesting us to provide a robust solution to help them measure not only their own Instagram performance, but that of competitors,” said Crowdbabble CEO, Abbas Alidina. “Our Instagram Analytics solution provides insights on everything from audience growth to content performance to user engagement levels.”


Crowdbabble’s product is fairly simple to understand in that it offers users the ability to improve engagement and ROI by understanding their audience. Brands can leverage the Crowdbabble social media analytics and reporting suite to analyze not only their performance, but also that of competitors.

Professional reports can be generated that help users understand their social media data and how they can act upon it, while charts can be exported and data can be visualized in neat, simple visualizations. Key metrics can be easily tracked while more in-depth analysis can be done for drivers of social media performance.

The pricing is fairly agreeable too, as an individual can analyze five social media accounts per month for $29, while an enterprise solution is available for $99 per month, which can analyze 20 social media accounts.

Crowdbabble-filters-starbucksThe startup is competing with many other companies who are trying to lure marketers to their own tools. Chicago-based SproutSocial seems to have one of the biggest market shares, and it offers a suite of capabilities to enable brands to manage its analytics. Sprout’s cheapest plan stands at $39 per month, offering real-time brand monitoring for up to 10 social media profiles. Other than that, it offers solutions for engagement, publishing, analytics, monitoring, CRM, collaboration and more.

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