Toronto Western Hospital surgeon says startups can fill gaps for patients lost in the system

According to Dr. Khalid Syed, an orthopaedic surgeon at Toronto Western Hospital, opportunities for innovation in Canada’s healthcare system are endless.

Speaking at HealthTO, Syed talked about how Canada’s healthcare system is very complex as a result of healthcare professionals, institutions, and money. He says these are all important aspects of healthcare, but the idea that healthcare is meant to be “patient-centred” often gets lost.

“The mantra of our healthcare system is that it is patient-centred,” said Syed. “The patient is the centre of everything we do. But that’s not true. The patients are lost in the system.”

Syed says that people looking to build innovative solutions in the healthcare system should be thinking about the patients. Whether patients are looking to get tests done quickly or gain advice from medical experts in an efficient way, they demonstrate a need for greater accessibility, cheaper costs, and convenience in the healthcare system. Syed says this presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators.

“All of this mess is really an opportunity,” said Syed. “There’s lots of opportunity to innovate and create. You can streamline healthcare delivery and reduce costs and that’ll generate profits. You can guide the patient through the process. You can improve the patient experience.”

Syed says the four domains of access, costs, convenience, and utility serve as areas to be innovative. Watch the full presentation below:

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Amira Zubairi

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