Today in company updates: Urbery, Lightspeed, RANK Software

Lightspeed Restaurant
Lightspeed's Restaurant offering

This week, several Canadian startups have made announcements, launching new features, partnerships, and more. Here’s the latest on Canada’s movers and shakers.

Urbery launches Ben & Jerry’s on demand in Toronto

Starting on Valentine’s Day, Urbery is launching on-demand pints of Ben & Jerry’s in Toronto.

The service will be available through summer 2017, and includes the flavours Cherry Garcia, Half Baked, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Non-dairy flavours include P.B. & Cookies Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert and Coffee Caramel Fudge Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.

Users can visit the Ben & Jerrys/Urbery website, enter in location details, select a scheduled or same-day delivery time, and pay through the app.

Pints will be available for $8.99 for traditional flavours and $9.99 for non-dairy, plus a $4.99 delivery fee. Delivery is free of charge if three or more pints are purchased. For Valentine’s Day only, users can use the promo code SHARETHELOVE to buy one pint and get one free.

Lightspeed signs on 10,000th ecommerce customer

Lightspeed Retail signed up its 10,000th ecommerce customer: Isabelle Racicot, a television host and founder of Picoum.

The Montreal company offers a cloud-based POS system for retailers that sell both in-store and online. Its latest ecommerce platform, launched in March, allows retailers to set up and design their ecommerce shop, integrate social media channels, and access analytics.

Lightspeed said that it powers more than 40,000 retailers and manages $15 billion in transactions across 100 countries. The company has seven offices around the world.

Lockheed Martin Canada partners with RANK Software to develop cybersecurity solutions

Lockheed Martin Canada has partnered with Toronto-based RANK Software to develop cybersecurity solutions for potential use in Canadian and international defence programs.

“The future of threat monitoring and investigations of all types relies on our ability to successfully develop and deploy solutions that leverage data science, behavioral analytics, and machine learning to quickly identify and prioritize risk,” says Niranjan Mayya, Founder & CEO of RANK Software. “RANK has both the technological and real-world experience to develop revolutionary new solutions that weed out noise and focus critical investigative resources on the most material threats.”

The co-branded security analytics solution is currently being showcased in Lockheed Martin Canada’s IMPACT Centre in Ottawa, and promises to help security analysts better discover network threats. The IMPACT Centre’s focus lies in naval systems and the competitive naval combat systems world market.

“RANK Software’s inventive approach to threat monitoring pairs well with Lockheed Martin’s pioneering leadership in cybersecurity and complex systems engineering and integration,” said Rosemary Chapdelaine, VP and General Manager of Lockheed Martin Canada Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS). “This partnership was a natural fit for our IMPACT Centre, where we are bringing Canadian industry and academia together for critical research, development and advancement of new technologies.”

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