Three product manager roles available now at Canadian tech companies

OpenText, LifeWorks, and Ada are hiring for Product Manager roles right now.

Calling all product managers! The companies listed below are looking to fill mid-to-senior positions with opportunities to implement efficiencies and lead new programs. Check out all of the companies recruiting at Jobs.BetaKit for more opportunities.

Product Manager, LifeWorks

Established in 1966, LifeWorks is a human resources services and technology company headquartered in Toronto. As the Project Manager, the successful candidate will be the subject matter expert ensuring the design and flow of the new mental health-focused product have the clinical resources and framework to be successful. This position is fully remote, but the successful hire can choose to work out of one of the hubs in Toronto, Markham, Montréal, or Atlanta.

LifeWorks’ goal is to impact one billion lives and this role provides the opportunity to craft and shape a new mental health product. As the company continues to scale, the career path offers a promotion to executive-level technical or people leadership.

Learn more about LifeWorks here.

Product Manager, OpenText

Waterloo-based OpenText is one of Canada’s largest software companies and is recognized as one of Canada’s top 100 employers. OpenText’s software applications manage content or unstructured data for large companies, government agencies, and professional service firms. As the Product Manager in the Analytics Business Unit, the successful candidate should have a strong technical background, business acumen and customer focus. The candidate should have a vision which challenges the status quo and the drive and technical skill to deliver this vision.

In 2021, OpenText acquired Texas-based Zix in a deal worth $860 million USD after acquiring Boston’s Carbonite and its subsidiary Webroot in 2019 for $1.45 billion. The company is hiring over 100 positions in various departments from marketing to engineering.

Check out the opportunities at OpenText here.

Senior Product Manager, AI/ML, Ada

Ada is an AI-powered platform that streamlines brand interactions between businesses and their customers and staff, resulting in cost savings and increased revenue. Founded in 2016, the company has first-hand expertise with customer service issues and works with companies such as Zoom, Facebook, and Shopify. In May 2021, the firm received $130 million in Series C funding from Spark Capital, making it a Canadian unicorn. As a Senior Product Manager, the successful candidate will launch and scale ML-led products that deliver value to clients through personalization and automation.

Ada offers a competitive salary, generous stock option plan, unlimited vacation, and a fully remote WFH budget.

Explore all the opportunities to work with Ada here.

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Raj Dhaliwal

Raj Dhaliwal

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