Three game-development companies hiring in Canada

Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Amazon are hiring for their game-development teams.

The recent news of Microsoft’s $68.7-billion USD acquisition of Activision-Blizzard moving forward signifies the gaming industry’s ever-growing value. Canada has an active role in this industry, with a significant game-development ecosystem anchored by some of the biggest developers and publishers in the world. With positions available out of Toronto, Québec City, Montréal, and more, these companies are looking to hire in a number of roles to produce the next generation of gaming’s big titles. Check out all the organizations recruiting at Jobs.BetaKit for more opportunities.

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) is the publisher of big-name games spanning multiple genres, producing franchise titles such as blockbuster first-person shooter (FPS) game Battlefield, life-simulator The Sims, and the multiple EA Sports games. EA is hiring positions to work on those titles and more.

For software engineers looking to enter the gaming space, EA is hiring a tools software engineer with two years of professional experience working in C#. Hired candidates will be improving the Frostbite engine, the core tech behind the Battlefield franchise.

For those interested in making their mark on a new title, EA is hiring a senior game designer and an experience designer for the studio’s first Iron Man game. The experience designer needs to have knowledge of Unreal’s visual scripting tools to craft the game’s user interface, while the senior game designer is expected to have over five years of experience in game development.

For those looking to work on different genres or in other fields of game development, EA has more positions open here.


In Amazon’s quest to break into markets beyond its e-commerce platform, the company is hiring for its Montréal game development office as it carves out its place in the gaming landscape.

Amazon is hiring for positions that require anything from one to 10 years of experience in the industry, however, all applicants are expected to be strong, bilingual communicators. Those with less experience can apply to be a UI/UX designer or a game designer, while those with more experience can apply to be a senior gameplay developer.

Those more interested in working on a unique gaming portfolio rather than established franchises can find all of Amazon’s job postings here.


Ubisoft has developed its fair share of mainstay franchises in gaming culture with the open-world, Rambo-like, Far Cry series and the family of Tom Clancy titles that include tactical-shooters and action role-playing games.

While not much is known about Ubisoft’s next projects, the company is hiring experienced programmers, designers, and project leads to craft them from its Montréal and Québec City offices. Ubisoft values at least five years of video-game industry experience for non-leadership roles, and at least ten years of experience for team leads.

Those looking to work on one of Ubisoft’s established franchises can apply to be an animation programmer on a Far Cry project out of Ubisoft’s Toronto office. Applicants should have strong 3D math skills and experience with various animation techniques.

Ubisoft has many open positions across Canada that can be found here.

Alex Riehl

Alex Riehl

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