These tech companies are hiring machine learning engineers in Canada

Autodesk, Electronic Arts, and BenchSci are looking to beef up their AI teams.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are quickly becoming table stakes in the tech world. The results of a global survey released this week found that almost half of businesses have implemented machine learning into their operations.

With an increasing number of organizations turning to AI for competitive advantage and Canada leading the world in AI talent concentration, it’s not surprising that many of those companies are looking to the north for new hires.

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SaaS giant Autodesk is focusing this year on its in-production Autodesk Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot aimed to provide generative answers to a range of customers’ inquiries. Autodesk is on the lookout for an ML ops engineer to join its digital experience and customer empowerment data science team in Toronto.

The ML ops engineer will be tasked with streamlining and automating ML workflows and deployments, as well as deploying ML capabilities to address complex challenges, including model development, testing, integration, release, and infrastructure management.

Applicants are expected to have either a bachelor’s degree or master of science in computer science, statistics, engineering, economics, or a related field, though Autodesk also welcomes candidates from non-traditional ML backgrounds. The role requires between zero to three years of relevant experience in software engineering, data engineering, or ML engineering, along with proficiency in the Python machine learning stack, such as Pandas.

Autodesk is hiring several more positions, which can be found on its job board.

Electronic Arts

Gaming titan Electronic Arts has invested heavily in AI and ML in recent years, with its CEO last year saying gaming is poised to be “one of the greatest beneficiaries” of AI. The company is currently seeking a machine learning engineer for its data and analytics team in Toronto.

This machine learning engineer will use ML to implement in-game personalization through the development of global-scale production systems. Responsibilities include upholding best practices in MLOps and ML model production; optimizing ML models; designing, constructing, and maintaining production ML systems; and collaborating with team members to ensure ML models are deployed efficiently.

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, or a related field, as well as extensive knowledge in ML, MLOps practices, and ML model production. Applicants should also have experience in designing and maintaining ML systems, developing production-ready ML models, and familiarity with systems like AWS SageMaker, GCP Vertex AI, Airflow, and Docker.

Electronic Arts is hiring several more positions, which can be found on its job board.


Toronto-based AI and biomedical research startup BenchSci is seeking a staff machine learning engineer to join its platform architecture team. The remote role involves high-level collaboration with staff engineers and architects to design solutions for BenchSci’s initiatives that are aimed at supporting life-saving research.

The staff machine learning engineer will design ML architectures across various teams, ensuring the creation of scalable, robust, and production-ready solutions. They will also manage the writing, reviewing, and approval of ML and Data technical documentation to guarantee result accuracy and performance quality. This engineer will also contribute to BenchSci’s ML and data roadmap by assessing the technical feasibility and impact of project proposals.

Applicants must have at least eight years of professional experience in applying ML techniques to business challenges, with at least two of those years at a Staff Engineer level. Essential skills include strong expertise in natural language processing and large language models, proficiency in Python, and extensive experience with PyTorch.

BenchSci is hiring several more positions, which can be found on its job board.

Isabelle Kirkwood

Isabelle Kirkwood

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