The Robots Will Take Over the World (If You Fund Them on Kickstarter)

With 12 days to go in its kickstarter campaign, Toronto’s Ainova Robotics Inc. has raised $25,000 of a $30,000 funding goal for its next generation artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistant.

Our robot masters, as Tokyo Police Club frontman David Monks once warned us, will eventually rule the planet, but until then we can all fund cool projects like the “J.A.E.S.A” as Ainova has called “her”.

J.A.E.S.A. is a multiplatform (iOS, Android, PC) next generation AI system and personal assistant capable of talking to a user on any topic, including sophisticated ones, just like a human would. She also has all the generic assistant features, such as Web Search, GPS, weather forecast, she can launch and stop apps, answer calls, text messages etc. She also has extensive security capabilities and integration with Smart House, allowing you to control everything at your house or apartment by voice.

Some of the robot assistant’s main features include the ability to naturally speak with the user on any topic using advanced logic processing, remembering discussed information, thinking independently,  and learning from user and world interactions. As well, she has a complete set of virtual assistant capabilities, like internet search, weather forecast, alarm, call and sms answering and reminders, which are all voice-controlled!

Moreover, it also features integration with Ainova’s “Smart House” system which allows users to control any device, security, music and lights in your house with just your voice.

Or, as the company suggests, users can even let Jaesa handle everything herself “even while you’re away!”. (Eerie foreshadowing?)

Finally, Jaesa can integrate with the company’s “Warden app,” giving users complete access to your mobile device and home security. This features includes data security, remote access to cameras and electronic locks, as well as theft protection using GPS location tracking, remote control over your device and receiving live photos and video feed of a person using the device!

Pledges of $75 dollars and over give backers the chance to essentially beta test with Jaesa, however pledging at least $150 will get a backer an actual Jaesa robot (or the future guilt attached to knowing they perpetuated what will be our eventual robot apocalypse.)

“J.A.E.S.A’s capabilities are far beyond your typical virtual assistant – she is your new friend and ally,” wrote Ainova. “Feel free to discuss anything with her – whether it is a sophisticated scientific discussion or a simple chit-chat, we did our best to make sure that she will be able to talk to you just like another human would. J.A.E.S.A has feelings, memory, character and ability to think independently, while remembering information and being able to analyze any kind of data.”

“We are using neuro-linguistic approach to programming and cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning algorithms, CRF++ and advanced AIML processing similar to A.L.I.C.E for offline communication to bring a futuristic Artificial Intelligence vision to life,” it added.

And just for good measure, here’s the final scene from Terminator 3, you know, just to give everyone a dose of fire and brimstone on this lovely Monday morning.

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